When is the Right Time to Post on Social Media?

When is the Right Time to Post on Social Media?

When is the right time to post on social media? This is a question asked frequently. The person looks at me, ready for some concrete, illuminating answer. I smile, shift uncomfortably and often have to explain that there is no right time to post on social media.

Yes, you read that correctly. The right time to post is an enigma. Simply put, it doesn’t exist.

‘What?’ You ask. ‘But what about all those pins on Pinterest illustrating the best times to post on the different platforms, is that a lie?’

No. It’s not a lie.

Breathe. Relax. And let me explain. 

Whilst having some sort of benchmark of when to schedule your posts is never a bad thing, the blanket approach of timing simply doesn’t work. Each brand on social media has a different audience, with different interests and thus they need to take different approaches. For example, a nightclub will have different times that they should post (ensuring a high engagement rate) compared to the breakfast bar down the road. Their target audience differs. Whilst there may be some overlap between the audiences – i.e. the gentleman who leaves the nightclub to go to the breakfast bar after a night on the town – for the most part, the audience interests, how you will target them and the times they will engage, will differ. And, rightly so: for their business objectives won’t be the same.

This means that whenever you are posting needs to align with your business strategy and objectives – so there is no blanket approach of the right time to post.

So, how do you know when your targeted audience is online and when to post for maximum engagement? Drum roll please… With a social media insights tool! There are many of these insights tools on the market, but very few do the job correctly (hint: obviously Digital Grind uses one of those few). Ideally, you want to use a social media insights tool that not only highlights your optimum posting times, but also conglomerates your social media insights and tracks and measures you against your competitors.

In this understanding the digital objective, for any brand, should be to post at optimum times for that brand in order to gain the maximum organic engagement and reach possible – to their specific audience (more to come on what organic engagement means in our next post).

And lastly, why is reach and engagement so important? Because you want your posts to a) be seen and b) be engaged with. If this is not happening then what is the point? In the age of social media, with so many voices, it’s easy for your brand’s voice to be drowned out. Posting in such a targeted manner ensures that that does not happen, and that your posts actually have impact.

Because everyone wants to be heard right?

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