Organic VS Paid Engagement

Organic VS Paid Engagement

This week we move onto the question of which type of engagement is best suitable between businesses and their clients on an online platform. There are basically two types of these engagements, namely organic and paid engagements. We obviously don’t mean this in terms of agriculture or anything of the sort, if that’s what you thought we were referring to, you should probably keep reading.

Here’s the difference between the two. Paid engagements are a growing trend when it comes to digital interactions with clients and potential clients. It’s as simple as paying for your ad to be seen by people on the respective online platforms. The advantages of paid engagements are vast, but I’ll bring them down to two. The first being the fact that when you pay for these engagements like sponsored ads and boosting your ad, you can track the progress of your engagement in terms of reach and impressions. Secondly, paid engagements allow you to report accurately on community growth meaning, the amount of people who followed your page as a result of your engagement.

On the other hand, we have organic engagements with the biggest advantage being that it’s free. Another advantage of organic engagements is that people will actually be interested in the message without feeling like they’re being advertised to. Seeing a promoted or sponsored post these days can be compared to a call from a telemarketer, who tries to fit their pitch into the first five seconds after you say ‘hello’ – absolutely annoying. The only disadvantage of organic engagements is that organic tweets and Facebook posts only reach 10% of your followers on average.

When dealing with paid engagements, companies seem to think that because they are paying for the ad to appear, they don’t have to place creative content that will interest their followers. The mentality is that ‘because I paid for it, it HAS to work’ – this is completely wrong. Even though you paid for the engagement, you still owe it to your followers to give them something exciting to read about, instead of just telling them to pay you back the money you spent paying for the advert they are reading.

So, the question then becomes, ‘how do we best use both paid and organic engagements to get maximum exposure?’ Well, the long and short of this is, in order to win with online engagements you need to start by posting better content at a time your brand will receive maximum engagement (this will get the maximum organic reach), couple this post with a paid reach and voila – you get the best of both. Of course, in order to achieve this balance, one needs a great insights tool. So the answer is simple: a good insights tool, great content and being able to strike a balance between organic AND paid reach – or, even more simply, get Digital Grind to do it for you.

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