Activate Your Brand and Launch New Products Like a Pro

Activate Your Brand and Launch New Products Like a Pro

Brand activation is a term that leaves many marketers googly-eyed. Some view it as just another fancy expression to add to the long list of unnecessary or overused marketing jargon. However, it encompasses a great deal and can be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Gone are the days when marketing campaigns were tone deaf and impersonal. At the moment, having a more personalised connection with your audience is a no brainer as it's certified as more appealing to customers, through better experiences.

If we take a bit of a dive into brand activation, we can get a better glimpse of what it could mean to your business and marketing strategy. But first, we need to define it.

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is an ongoing process by which a brand makes itself known to its audience. It’s about creating awareness to your brand through the use of campaigns, events or any other form of interaction with them.

The intention of brand activation is to cause people to act with regards to your product or service. Brand activations usually involve some form of interaction with the audience building strong connections with them.

One thing to note is that it is not the same as typical branding strategies as it’s more specific in terms of the actions to be taken and the expected outcome. Long after a branding event has been concluded, your business continues to engage with its customers. 

Why it’s crucial for your brand 

Today’s consumer is no longer interested in generalised marketing experiences that do not resonate with them after witnessing or attending a campaign. What they require is to build trust between them and the brand. 

When trust is built, your audience or customers feel more comfortable as they will believe that your brand is valuable and not just for show. Your brand should capture their attention and stay relevant in their eyes, long after the campaign has ended.

In order to build this trust for your brand and/or its products, you need to fulfil your promises. This creates a strong relationship between you and them. Also, brand activations help by giving you feedback on what works and what doesn’t to help you with future campaigns.

Types of brand activations

There are several different ways that your brand can present itself to people. Each one is useful in particular circumstances and depends on the type of product under campaign or the market.

  1. Product launches and experiential campaigns

Customers are all about experiences. They want to personally connect to your brand by having a one-on-one interaction with particular products or services. Product launches and experiential campaigns allow them to feel first hand what your brand and its offerings are all about.

Experiences are also more memorable than the physical product itself as they create a long lasting impression. The other advantage is that when something goes wrong with a different product, your audience will be more understanding as they will have ingrained memories of the previous products.

  1. Digital campaigns 

If a good portion of your marketing efforts are not exercised on digital platforms then you’re missing out a great deal. The majority of your audience or customers have a digital presence and seek to connect with brands.

Digital campaigns usually supplement your overall marketing strategy and in-person brand activations with the majority of them being social media-based. 

Here, they connect with customers directly as your brand can showcase its personality. Being witty or funny puts your brand in the eyes of not just your target audience but the general public, creating potential customers along the way.

  1. Influencer campaigns

Using celebrities or other influential individuals on social media can put your brand in the view of their multitude of followers. The main advantage of this marketing technique is that influencers have already built trust with their audience and your brand on their channels will leverage on it.

The influencer market is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2021, mostly drawing audiences from Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. Much like experiential marketing, influencer marketing is all about the relation factor and using discount codes and other competitions can boost your products.

  1. Competitions

Competitions are a great way to showcase your products as it draws both potential customers and general audiences alike, through social media. You could even use influencers to periodically give away products to their audience on your behalf.

As part of the competitions, social media users could be requested to tag friends, like posts, share content or sign up for newsletters in order to enter a draw, for example. This is a great way to increase visibility and will add to your bottom line.

Things to consider when it comes to brand activation

Always do your research on your potential audiences so that you can target them effectively. Be empathetic when communicating with them as it personifies your brand.

Get your employees on board with your brand marketing strategies and what their various roles are. This is essential for maximum success as you know that everyone is on board following the exact same vision.

Lastly, you need to listen to your audience carefully as they can provide you with good feedback, saving you on marketing costs. Make sure to collect data that can be turned into valuable insights into your audience and their response to your products.

Digital Grind can help you make an impact with marketing by driving brand awareness, engagement and/or leads. Start a marketing project with us and we’ll catapult your brand to the next realm of success.

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