How To Grow Your LinkedIn Following

Viability of LinkedIn as an Online Business Community

Do you want to establish brand credibility whilst building a cohesive network, and glean expertise from the top-notch talent in your industry? If yes, then LinkedIn should be the focus when it comes to how you and your business can flourish exponentially. Today, more than 30 million companies and 690 million members are using LinkedIn to market, connect and sell. 

LinkedIn provides an unprecedented level of exposure, by equipping you with the best marketing tools available. If you have a LinkedIn Company page, it is a great way to increase exposure since this page will potentially show up when people enter a relevant search query on LinkedIn. 

4 Key Strategies to Grow Your LinkedIn Following

With the usefulness of LinkedIn as an online business community, it is imperative to know how to improve your organic reach and audience insights. This is easily attainable through building your LinkedIn presence by growing your follower count but is this easier said than done?

Building your follower growth on LinkedIn can be brought about by focusing on these 4 key strategies:

Optimise Your Page for SEO 

For content to rank well on websites, it needs to be adequately optimised for SEO - the same is the case with LinkedIn. If you want your profile to rank well on LinkedIn for a specific search query, it needs to be well optimised

You can do this by:

  • Curating a strong ‘About’ section on your profile. 
  • Specifying your vision and mission clearly.
  • Sharing and establishing your brand positioning and tagline as well as the products and services that you offer.

Also add in a link to your website to make it easy for people, customers and vendors to access it. Imagery on your LinkedIn page works well in optimising for SEO. This can be in the form of a logo display or banner image to help you stand out from the crowd.

 Create Content Regularly

This involves writing bite-size LinkedIn posts, creating video content, as well as posting articles on LinkedIn. When you post subject matter related content on LinkedIn, employing written as well as visual means, you relay to the audience your expertise in your domain, which subsequently improves your visibility. LinkedIn members get to know more about your field. 

When your connections engage with your posts, by leaving likes and comments, they signal to LinkedIn the credence of your expertise. As a result, higher levels of engagement attracts other members on LinkedIn to follow you as well. It would not happen overnight. It will require effort and consistency.

In some instances, you can use automation to create carefully crafted messages and invitations, and LInkedIn will reach out to targeted audiences on your behalf. This can be used to grow your personal profile and invite connections while you continue with pressing business tasks. 

Live Stream on LinkedIn

The live streaming feature on LinkedIn is a gold mine, but unfortunately its potential has not been tapped into sufficiently by LinkedIn users. This feature, similar to the Instagram live stream feature, allows you to stream live from current events. You can share real-time content with your followers, seminars or key daily insights with your followers.  It is a great means of connecting and boosting growth through an engaging medium.

Use LinkedIn Hashtags 

Smart usage of hashtags makes it easier for LinkedIn members to discover your posts and turn your profile when they follow or search for the hashtag that you’ve used. It is important that you use niche specific or industry-specific hashtags that suit your business and page objective. The best way to do this is by using data to determine which hashtags are best suited to your posts - with tools like hashtag analytics.  

You can also survey other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to find inspiration. However, you must be mindful of not overdosing your hashtag game. Using too many in a single post can hamper the user experience. In some cases, brands move hashtags down below the post visibility to get around this but a few carefully chosen hashtags should be sufficient. 

Followers, Following and the Way Forward 

Gaining followers on LinkedIn is not an overnight process. It takes consistency of effort and hard work to reap results. Followers are not random people. They are esteemed professionals who desire valuable assimilation of content and insights from their connections. 

If you’ve been followed by a LinkedIn member, it in no way guarantees that you will not be unfollowed. You must realise that to establish credibility and to retain audience interest in your services, you need to be active on the platform. If you fail to show up, deliver and provide value through your page, you will lose followers rather than gaining new ones.

So, what are you waiting for! This is your call for aligning your LinkedIn strategy by trying out our key tips to increase your LinkedIn follower count. 

At Digital Grind, we’ve set our sites on helping brands create meaningful marketing mechanisms that deliver growth in both the short and long-term. For more valuable insights, marketing tips and tricks connect with us today or get simply get in touch to find out how we can help you position your brand in the eyes of consumers. 

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