Discover what your website visitors are really doing... and why.

Ever wondered how your website visitors navigate your site? Don’t waste time hypothesizing—we’ll utilize the latest software and technology to analyze exactly what they’re doing and why. With this information, you’ll be able to formulate strategies to improve your site’s user experience and up your conversion rates.

I want to know what my visitors are doing

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Our Customers Success

We helped The Event Production Company to increase their website conversions by 150% and their landing page conversions by 8%.

We helped Shiny Rock Polished to grow their brand awareness by 257% and their page following by 354% (from 2000 to 7080 followers).

Through funnel performance optimization, we took a global average cost per lead of $75 and turned it on its head to generate 187 leads for The Event Production Company at $17.81.

The process


First, we’ll verify or install Google Analytics & Hotjar on your website,


Then, we’ll gather or evaluate the amount of data available,


We’ll analyze the data and user interaction from your visitors,


And provide you an in-depth report with actionable recommendations.

What do you get from this?

Heat maps

Take the guesswork out of what your visitors actually want.

Heat maps give you invaluable insights into your visitors’ behavior. They’ll reveal how your visitors scroll, tap and click. From this information, you’ll be able to unpack exactly what your visitors need, what was important to them, and what motivates them.

Visitor recordings

Don’t just take our word for it; watch real visitors use your site.

You’ll have access to actual recordings of entire visitor sessions on your site. With these, you can glean insights from real visitor behavior which will show you where the gaps are so you can improve the overall experience.

Funnel analysis

You’ll receive information on where your sales funnel is letting you down.

You’ll receive a funnel analysis that will pinpoint on what page and step your visitors are bouncing from your site. By knowing this, you’ll be able to determine where your funnel is leaking leads and what you can do about it.

Website Analytics

Inform your future actions by taking a look at the hard data.

Improve parts of your site by learning about which areas customers are getting stuck, what they like, what they complete, what they don’t, and where and why they abandon your pages.

Get the insights to boost your business goals and evaluate your online efforts.

The report

Digest and learn from solid site data that we present to you.

Our detailed report will outline exactly what is happening on your site. We will analyze your visitors’ behavior and translate it into what they are trying to voice through that behavior so you can tweak your site accordingly.

Fundamental assumptions

Use the data to make some pivotal changes to your site

By reviewing your user data, you’re in a better position to make some core assumptions about your visitors, what resonates with them, and what needs to change. Greater user experience and interaction ultimately encourage greater conversions.

What our team recommends

We’ll leave you with concrete and informed strategies that can be implemented for better results.

Once we’ve talked you through the data, and what it means, we’ll provide a list of recommendations. You can send these on to your current team or we can implement them for you.

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