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Key Services Delivered

UX / UI Design, Web Development & Content Development (Graphics & Copy).

Key Deliverables

Multilingual, AA Certified, Custom CMS & Bespoke Website Design.

The Brief

In mid-2020, we were approached by Moro Hub, a DEWA subsidiary, and Dubai 10X enabler, with an exciting project. As a digital data hub that offers an array of services, their goal is to stand out as a company that offers customers bespoke digital transformation journeys powered by tailormade solutions and ensure their customers are cloud-ready.

They realized there was one thing they desperately needed: a website that aligned with their offering and so, we were tasked to redesign and redevelop their website. The intention behind the undertaking was clear: with a world-class website, they would be in a better position to stand out as a highly-capable, competitive, customer-focused, and cutting-edge global technology provider in the marketplace.

Moro Hub outlined two priority objectives. The first was to improve their search ranking so that they can better generate leads from their digital marketing efforts. The second was to increase their online visibility and professional online presence. In line with that, they wanted to increase their monthly website conversions, average page views per visit as well as time spent on site.

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Framework Set up

  • Creation of a development project
  • Incorporating the Umbraco libraries
  • Set up database

Document Types

  • Creating the individual types that will define all the data structures on the site.

Master Templates

  • Setting up the main look and feel of the site
  • Incorporating necessary frontend libraries
  • Global Navigation

Templates (x12)

  • Individual templates for each type of page


  • Allow searching across the site against main content

CRM Integration

  • Integrating the contact form to post to the Odoo CRM


  • Configure CMS to allow input for two languages (English/Arabic) per content field
  • Develop site to switch between English and Arabic


  • Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Note that this will be very dependent on the content supplied.

Content Loading

  • Loading of provided content into the CMS for display on the site


  • Internal testing and Quality assurance
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Security testing


  • Investigate and apply changes for bugs and issues found by client

The Big Challenges

As with any development project, there were several challenges to navigate. These included:

  • Challenges around accessibility.
  • Creating a seamless multilingual page that offered the content in both Arabic and English.
  • Ensuring the site was as secure as possible, according to Government Security standards.
  • Vigorous Government Security and UX Quality Assurance Testing processes which threatened to impact project timelines significantly.

Our Solution

Our expert team presented Moro Hub with a website that had been completely transformed. From concept to design and development, no detail was spared for this project. The end result was a highly accessible, secure, user-friendly site that should propel Moro Hub into a league of their own.

We successfully navigated the project challenges professionally and timeously. Here’s how we moved through each one:

  • We worked closely with a third-party accessibility certification agent to ensure that the entire site functioned according to AA grade standard accessibility. By doing so, we ensured that the Moro Hub site is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of any impairments, color weaknesses, or disabilities.
  • We created the multilingual functionality via the Umbraco CMS that ensured the site was right-aligning for the Arabic version. We also worked closely with an Arabic copywriter and curated a custom translations section. This section was specifically created for the ease of updating and reviewing any “hidden words”.
  • As we created the site, we worked closely with the cybersecurity team to analyze the source code and site elements. We were able to produce a safe online environment that was approved by all security teams at both Moro Hub and DEWA.
  • Our UX team worked closely with a team of Government UX professionals who rigorously tested and tried to stress test the site, in order to fully review it from all angles. This process can often be time-consuming and result in project delays. We successfully managed these tests and quickly implemented what turned out to be minor feedback. Our fast turnaround times resulted in project delays that were kept to a minimum without compromising the quality of our work.

We can confidently say that the team used their ample experience to strategically and expertly create a truly spectacular and website for Moro Hub. We’re excited to see the site’s impact when it goes live.

"The DG team did a great job and handled this projects with great attention to every step of the process."

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