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What we deliver

CPI & Maintenance

We help businesses achieve their digital transformation aspirations and drive profitability from their digital products with managed software optimization and maintenance programmes that assure complete peace of mind.

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Virtual Reality

We support digital product development journeys, from ideation and design to coding, deployment, and providing ongoing support. Our multidisciplinary team boasts the best creative minds, software developers and interaction engineers in the VR field.

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Augmented Reality

Bringing the world around you to life, make your brand stand out through an augmented reality experience.

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Business Intelligence

Our Data Scientists and Analysts are passionate about data and turning data chaos into cosmos.  We love to empower businesses everywhere with pertinent information that allows them to thrive in the modern data-driven economy.

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Whether you looking for a custom solution or a Shopify site to sell your products online we help you stand out and maximize user experience and conversions.

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App Development

Creating innovating applications that are geared towards a mobile first world, whether it is IOS or Android you are in good hands and company.

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Website Development

Standing out from the competition means veering away from the one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer our clients both the design and development of bespoke platforms, software, websites, and apps. For those that like to go against the grain.

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“I highly recommend Digital Grind for their great service and implementation of our digital marketing campaign. We generated great leads for our sales team and had more hits on our website. We enjoy working with the team.”

Karen Ashwin
The Event Production, Company Managing Director

"It was great working with the team from Digital Grind. I found they were perspicacious professionals and it was really just such a pleasure working with them. Nothing was too hard, and they are just a great group of people."

James Matthews
Shiny Rock Properties
Managing Director

"We are very happy with what Digital Grind have done for us and extremely grateful. We will continue to use them for all our web-related tasks. We definitely recommend Digital Grind to anyone looking for fast, efficient and quality work for your digital requirements”

Byron Serrao
Africa Revealed

Case Study

In mid-2020, we were approached by Moro Hub, a DEWA subsidiary, and Dubai 10X enabler, with an exciting project. As a digital data hub that offers an array of services, their goal is to stand out as a company that offers customers bespoke digital transformation journeys powered by tailormade solutions and ensure their customers are cloud-ready.

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What Do We Develop

Mobile & Web Applications

Today users are more engaged online than ever and ensuring your brand is present where your users are spending time is crucial. Websites and mobile apps help your brand stay relevant and increase the engagement with your users resulting in more value and ROI for your business.

Business Intelligence

We believe that a data literate workforce is the foundation for business enablement and we love to present the tools that assist in engendering a culture of data literacy and data savviness. We create BI dashboards bespoke to your organization to deliver real time insights on your brand experience.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR & VR technology is transforming experiences and our world to immersive and augmented shifts in our everyday environment. While businesses fight for the attention of their customers, AR & VR catches and holds attention whilst delivering diverse content in a world where ordinary content does not quite cut it.

Software Development

Looking to build custom software? We can build and deploy custom software in 3-4 months or put together a full stack agile software team together for you to work on your next global project.

Content Management Systems

A consistent frustration, clients not being able to administer and keep content updated of their products. That is why we help create custom content management systems for our clients so you don't need to phone us every time you need to update and image or line of copy.

CPI & Maintainence

Nothing delivered is perfect, perfection takes time and lots of iterations. We call this CPI (continuous product/process improvement) and this where we test, analyze and optimise to keep improving our clients products. We also ensure our clients products are bug free, up-to-date and secure with our monthly maintenance packages.

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